Current Teaching Opportunities

WE ARE GROWING QUICKLY - Openings in Montgomery, Mason & Anderson!

Montgomery Immediate Openings: Wednesdays (piano/voice/strings); Thursdays (piano/drums/strings); Sundays (piano/voice/strings)

Mason Immediate Openings: Mondays (piano/drums/strings); Tuesdays (piano/voice/drums/strings); Wednesdays (piano/voice/strings); Thursdays (piano/voice/strings); Fridays (piano/voice/strings); Saturdays (piano/voice); Sundays (piano/voice/strings)

Anderson Immediate Openings: Mondays (piano/voice/drums/strings); Tuesdays (piano/voice/drums/strings); Wednesdays (piano/voice/drums/strings); Thursdays (piano/voice/drums/strings)



We are always looking for excellent substitute teachers for piano, voice, guitar/uke/bass, drums, and violin on all days. Even if we don't have a current opening for the instrument(s) you teach or the day(s) you are available, please fill out the form below. Subbing at CSM is a great way to get your foot in the door and be quickly considered for any positions that might open up.

Relocating to Cincinnati?

No problem! Just contact us, even if you won't be in town for a couple months. 

IF you are interested in a music teaching position, please FILL OUT THE NEW TEACHER QUESTIONNAIRE belOW!

New Teacher Questionnaire

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If hired and you enjoy teaching for CSM, how long would you be willing to commit to the position? *
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What is the earliest date you can start?
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Given that CSM provides all the support necessary for teachers to be able to just come in and teach, our starting hourly rate is from $22-$27 per hour, depending on experience, demand, and a number of factors.