Our music school will provide the very best music instruction experience available. We will be fun, encouraging, understanding, patient and excited about each student's musical journey -  whether the student wishes to learn a few camp fire songs or become the world's greatest player. Unparalleled customer service and personal attention are at the heart of how we accomplish these goals.


Cincinnati School of Music, established in 2012, is family owned and operated. The Directors and some of our instructors have decades of teaching experience. We have given lessons to thousands of students over the years, and are one of the fastest growing music schools in the country. Cincinnati School of Music invests a lot of time and money into marketing, developing, managing, and expanding the school. We have customer service representatives who handle scheduling, questions, collection of tuition, etc to make the lives of students and teachers easier! We have an accountant and not one but two Directors who work around the clock to make this the best school possible. 


Anna & Joe Backer are lifelong musicians who started their music school out of a love for both music and business. They met at Brevard Music Festival in 2003 and reside in Cincinnati with their two daughters. 


We have a fantastic reputation with our students, parents, and teachers.  There are 5 star reviews all over the Internet and you can find a ton of reviews on Google and Facebook.  We pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of faculty and students alike.